About us

Myedusite.pw is an educational blog dedicated to serving the financial less privileged around the world looking for Grants, Fellowships, Scholarships and Student loans. Our team comprises of selfless University scholars, Consultants, NGO’s, Chancellors and Editors who not only believe that education is the key but are passionate about making sure it’s cost is at least fair and accessible to everyone.

Vision: Information is already decentralized via the internet. Hence we envision a world where the true cost of education for the financially less privileged lies in their passion and dedication and not in their financial capacity. Myedusite.pw hopes to be a major player in bringing this vision to limelight.

Mission: Our goal is to be the resource center for every student searching for scholarships, grants, fellowships or student loans irrespective of nationality. We hope our materials and contents help students find the degree, program, school or  career that helps them maximize their full potential.